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Backup Support Services in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas 

At Streamline IT Solutions Inc, we offer backup support services in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Electronic information can be destroyed in many ways: physical damage to infrastructure, power failure, accidents, sabotage or malicious hackers, to name a few. It is extremely important, should any of these things happen, that you can retrieve your important data. Our IT services include:


Cloud-based backup solutions

On-site backups

Recovery solutions

Backup appliances

Backup solutions for Exchange, SQL, VMware and Hyper-V

Disaster Recovery

Fire, flood, cybercriminals, manufacturing defects can destroy electronic information and other crucial data. You can rely on us to offer disaster recovery solutions. Our team will prepare and execute a plan that will help you keep your data safe at all times.

We will work closely with you and develop recovery and continuity strategies that suit your business. Our services will help you recover data that has been accidentally deleted or has been lost due to a cyber attack. We can also help you recover data if you have been locked out of your office and are in need of immediate access to data. 

We will ensure that you have a business continuity plan to help you keep your organization online at all times.

Cybersecurity & Data Protection Services

A well-developed backup system can help reduce the impact of cyber-attacks. We offer cybersecurity and data protection services. We offer testing, auditing, and implementation of security tools that can reduce interruptions to your business operations. It can also help avoid expensive data breach events. Speak to a member of our team now for more information on backup support in Edmonton and surrounding areas. 

Backup Support Services

We offer backup support solutions in and around Edmonton.

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